"This framework is a major accomplishment, and an exciting boon to the climate movement.”

– Emily Norton

Former Director, MA Sierra Club

The 100% Solution Campaign

We have 30 years for the entire world to eliminate emissions

Developing countries emit 2/3 of greenhouse gases

Does your                    

have a plan to make clean technologies affordable enough to spread in developing countries?


"An important frame of reference for everyone seeking to address the greatest threat to our children and future generations.”

– U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA)

"The 100% Solution is a model for pragmatic and systemic thinking about climate change and proof that activist passion and scholarly rigor can go hand in hand.”

– Varun Sivaram

Chief Technology Officer, ReNew Power India’s and author of Taming the Sun

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Based on the book by Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Scientists say that the world must not only eliminate net ghg emissions, but start removing CO2 from the atmosphere, by 2050.




Reducing emissions - even 80% or more - without eliminating emissions still means rising temperature and worsening impacts. Only net-negative emissions will start to lessen impacts.




2/3 of emissions come from developing countries. We need industrialized countries to lead Moonshot-type innovation, WWII-type manufacturing scale up, and Peace Corps-type agricultural outreach initiatives to enable and empower developing countries to decarbonize.




Leaders – governments, political candidates, and companies – must be hearing from all directions about the need for bold enough action and strategies that actually add up.




Help us instill the radically new mindset we need among everyone who cares about climate change.

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Solomon is available, for free in many contexts, to give a talk about climate change messaging or lead a briefing about the 100% Solution framework. E-mail Solomon@SolomonGR.com to schedule an event.

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The 100% Solution Campaign is looking for full- or part-time staff skilled in one or more of the following:

-Video creation

-Social media / digital grassroots organizing


-Communications/narrative-building strategy

-Outreach to national orgs

-Grasstops networking

To apply, e-mail Solomon@SolomonGR.com with a resume and cover letter.

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For sources on any facts given on this website, see citations in the book, or e-mail Solomon.