Solomon Goldstein-Rose, author of The 100% Solution

​Solomon Goldstein-Rose has been a climate activist since age 11. His education in engineering and public policy gave him a unique perspective on the intersection of what physically has to happen to solve climate change and what approaches might actually make it happen.

After interning in the Obama White House and in Congress during college, Solomon ran for the Massachusetts state legislature at age 22 and got elected on a platform focused on climate change. During his term he passed several small energy and education policies and created local initiatives for civic education and engagement.

In 2018 he canceled his campaign for re-election so he could work full-time on climate change at the national and global levels. The 100% Solution framework is a product of his political experiences, numerous meetings with technical experts and activists, and intensive research and analysis.

Solomon is also passionate about education policy and election system reform. He lives in Amherst, MA, and makes time for hiking, farming, and directing children’s theater.

Speaking and Events

Solomon is available to speak to classes, present at events and conferences, and to lead workshops with climate activist or student groups, including virtual events.

Solomon has led communications and advocacy trainings for high school and college students, spoken about climate change to classes from elementary school through college, led roundtables and participated as a panelist at national conferences, and run discussions with religious and activist community groups.

For meetings or workshops with Solomon, please e-mail him at

Selected Videos of Solomon speaking

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Photo and book images by Violet Kitchen, Picturing Policy posts by Violet Kitchen and Kaley Davis.