What would Biden's climate plan look like for your life?

Updated: Sep 22

The core of Biden’s climate plan is to “rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure.” What would that look like, for climate solutions and for your life?

Replacing infrastructure is exactly what’s needed to solve climate change. Emissions come from power plants, car engines, building furnaces, cement kilns, and farm processes for example. In the short time we have to totally eliminate emissions, we can’t totally eliminate transportation, heating, building, food, and electricity. We need to replace the equipment in those systems with clean equipment that enables the same activities in our lives but without emissions.

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure would mean renovating homes to reduce heating bills and improve indoor air quality; constructing new power plants and factories based on clean technologies; deploying charging stations for electric vehicles; etc.

And if we have 100% clean electricity and electric cars, you can continue driving as much as you want. So the approach that actually solves the problem also doesn’t require lifestyle change.

Also, we’ll have to manufacture the new equipment we want to install. So this plan amounts to a massive manufacturing boom that truly solves climate change.




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