What would Biden’s building retrofit plan look like, for climate solutions and for your life?

Updated: Sep 22

The plan has three parts: a program with a dedicated workforce to upgrade 4 million commercial or public buildings to electric and efficient equipment; rebates and low-interest financing for individual families to do the same for their own homes; and an expanded program to weatherize 2 million family homes, with a focus on low-income housing. All of this will be carried out over only 4 years.

Electric, efficient equipment and weatherization means lower heating bills for families and businesses. And manufacturing and installing all that equipment is estimated to create 1 million jobs.

Right now so many institutional buildings are closed, and so many people are in need of work, so it’s a good moment for a massive building retrofit project. This plan can help kickstart the economic recovery we need.

If we convert our homes to electric equipment as we move to 100% clean electricity generation, you can heat and cook as much as you normally do without causing emissions. Building retrofits = good for jobs, necessary for solving climate change.



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