Selected video clips of Solomon speaking:

Solomon’s TED Talk

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Naples NEXT conference panel

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Solomon’s first speech to MA House

Jones Library interview on The 100% Solution


TED Session summary

Summary of Solomon’s TED Talk and others in its session at the Countdown summit


Van Carter podcast

This podcaster interviewed Solomon about The 100% Solution, which had given the podcaster new hope for achieving solutions


Scott Amyx video podcast

Interview with Solomon Goldstein-Rose, An American Politician, Climate Activist, and Author


Clean Energy for Biden policy summit

Solomon presented one of his group’s policy recommendations on hydrogen


Day of the Climate Professional event

Solomon spoke on a panel about climate change solutions


Solid State Books The 100% Solution launch event

The official (virtual) launch event for the book, Solomon and Steven Olikara of the Millennial Action Project interviewed each other about The 100% Solution, climate change, and youth in politics.


Golden State Book Review podcast

Episode 264: Interview with Solomon Goldstein-Rose, interview with Sarah Meckler


Vogue Magazine article

Ahead of TED’s Global Climate Change Summit, 10 Youth Activists Share Their Visions for a Better Tomorrow, by Emily Farra


Danish student climate podcast

The 100% Solution, by Victor Kjellerup Juhl and Frederik Bjørnbak


New Books Network podcast

The 100% Solution, by Matthew Jordan


Citizens Climate Radio podcast

Ep. 50: Big Climate Problems Require Bigger Global Solutions, by Peterson Toscano


Zetland Interview in English

Translated from Danish, by Thomas Hebsgaard


Bob Flaherty Radio Interview

Amherst Climate Activist Pens New Book That Connects ALL the Dots, live radio interview with Bob Flaherty/WHMP


Chapter One Podcast

Ep74, The 100% Solution – Solomon Goldstein-Rose, with Demethius Jackson


Bill Newman Show Radio Interview

Saving The World Through Rose Colored Glasses, live radio interview with Bill Newman/WHMP (first 20 min of audio)


Chicago Splash Interview

The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change, in conversation with Andrew DeCanniere


Amherst Jones Library

VIDEO: Solomon was interviewed about The 100% Solution


Zetland Interview

Published in Danish by Thomas Hebsgaard


“The Elephant” Podcast

The “100% Solution” to Climate Change, interview with Kevin Caners


“Make Climate Cool Again” Podcast

#24 The 100% Solution for Climate with Solomon Goldstein-Rose, interview with Sara Miltenberger


“Goldstein-Rose to launch climate change book”

By Scott Merzbach, Daily Hampshire Gazette


Talk to Steven Pinker’s Class

Guest lecture in “Rationality” class


“Climate Changers” Podcast

The 100% Solution with Solomon Goldstein-Rose, interview with Ryan Flahive

Written by Solomon

TED Ideas Article

From fake meat to cow burps: 5 ways to use seaweed to tackle climate change

Earth Dot Org Op-Ed

How the US Can Tackle Climate Change


Picturing Policy blog series on Medium

10 short blogs analyzing the benefits of the Biden plan and providing activists with messaging to use


Medium-Recommended Column on House Dems’ Climate Plan

Frontloading Clean Industry Scale-Up, by Solomon Goldstein-Rose (recommended in Environment category by Medium’s editors)


Reducing emissions while creating jobs

Ammonia Energy Newsletter Guest Article

A 100% Solution to Climate Change: Why is Ammonia Necessary?


Scientific American Op-Ed

We’re Thinking about Climate Change the Wrong Way