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Join our Team!

The 100% Solution Campaign is looking for full- or part-time staff skilled in one or more of the following:

-Video creation

-Social media / digital grassroots organizing


-Communications/narrative-building strategy

-Outreach to national orgs

-Grasstops networking

To apply, e-mail Solomon@SolomonGR.com with a resume and cover letter.

​​Ask Solomon to speak at your event/school/org meeting:

Solomon is available, for free in many contexts, to give a talk about climate change messaging or lead a briefing about the 100% Solution framework. E-mail Solomon@SolomonGR.com to schedule an event.

Leaders need to hear from all directions: we need bold actions that actually add up.

Ask a presidential candidate a question (candidates for other offices too!):

You can ask questions in person during public Q+A, privately when candidates are shaking hands, by phone or e-mail, or on social media. Getting the 100% Solution framework on the minds of candidates’ top staff is equally important as getting it on the minds of candidates themselves.

Ask climate thought leaders about the 100% Solution mindset:

Engage with think tanks scholars, org leaders, and celebrities on social media. If you are active in a climate organization, start conversations with others in your org to make sure its strategy is rooted in solutions that can actually add up globally.

Follow @SolomonG_R and share 100% Solution content to spread the message and start conversations!

Grassroots Toolkit

Coming soon! For now:

100 Percent Solution Cove

100% Solution Book